Australia just got 1.7 million hectares smaller after Waanyi leaders declare Independence

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A new Independent Tribal Government has been set up in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Last week Waanyi leaders from the Waanyi Tribal Governing Council joined forces with the Waanyi Prescribed Body Corporate in a joint venture partnership. They now aim to govern their own affairs on their own traditional country.

Since gaining their 1.7 million hectare Native Title determination in 2010, the Waanyi have struggled to create a sustainable future thanks largely to the complexities that exist in dealing with State and Federal Governments and Aboriginal Land Councils.

The desire for a sustainable future is the key driver behind this latest move towards independence. The Waanyi Tribal Governing Council want to operate directly with land dealings that have the potential to stimulate their tribal economy. The Council will have full control of environmental protection and the preservation of Waanyi cultural heritage.

Official Statement of the Waanyi Tribal Governing Council. Who are now operating on their country with support of the…

Posted by Treaty Council on Friday, 31 January 2020

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