War against fake Indigenous art could be over in 2018 with your help

war on fake aboriginal indigenous art trade

The war against fake Indigenous art is finally headed towards a parliamentary inquiry after decades of campaigning.

It is believed that around of 80% of the Indigenous art sold in Australia each year is fake. Fake art comes from workshops in Indonesia and China where they make copies of genuine Indigenous art. The copies are often created with cheap materials and never last long. The fake art trade is degrading to our cultures and robs our artists and families of income.

Nancy Bamaga – Fake Art Inquiry

Some good news people. Please Share!!!http://artsfront.com/fake-art/The federal government has established a Parliamentary Inquiry into Fake Art! http://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House/Indigenous_Affairs/The_growing_presence_of_inauthentic_Aboriginal_and_Torres_Strait_Islander_style_art_and_craft This is largely a result of the fantastic Fake Art campaign being led by the Indigenous Arts Code, Arts Law and the Copyright Agency, and supported by Arts Front as part of the First Peoples First Campaign. And of course the legendary Nancy Bamaga has been working tirelessly on this issue since 2000. The Inquiry is an opportunity for the whole community to have a say on the Fake Art situation and to push the federal government to do something about it. Research undertaken by the Indigenous Art Code estimates that a staggering 80% of product for sale in tourist focused retail outlets is Fake – ie. falsely presenting itself as being made by or authorised by Australian First People. The impact on a cultural and economic level is massive and as Nancy says:"We need to all come together – work with us! Work with us because its about investing in Australia’s culture – the culture of the First People. Support the Fake Art Campaign. We can’t make this happen without everybody working with us – Eso"Arts Front is supporting the Inquiry and the Fake Art Campaign by creating a web page tool to make it easier to make a submission. Its super quick and simple – the web page creates a formatted PDF submission ready for you to email has the full endorsement and support of the excellent parliament House folk running the Inquiry. http://artsfront.com/fake-art/As we all know from the 2015 Senate Inquiry, which generated an astonishing 2719 submissions, the numbers of submissions the inquiry receives makes a huge difference. We need everyone involved in Arts Front to get actively involved – both by:- making a submission yourselves about your experiences of/responses to the Fake Art problem, AND by – supporting others who are directly effected to also make submissions to the Inquiry. Please help share this opportunity as widely as you can. Help fix the Fake Art problem once and make a practical contribution to First Peoples First.

Posted by Arts Front on Sunday, 24 September 2017


We need as many people as possible to make a submission. A submission can be as simple as a complaint from Indigenous or non Indigenous people or it can be as detailed as a first hand experience as an Indigenous artist.

Arts Front who are spear-heading this campaign have set up a very simple online submission page. On this page, you answer 4 simple questions that are designed to bring out your true thoughts and feelings about this issue. You also have a space to add any other suggestions you may have. Once you have answered the questions (you don’t need to answer all), you click ‘create your submission’. This will generate a PDF copy of your submission which you then need to save and email to: IndigenousAffairs.reps@aph.gov.au or you can visit the submission page here.

One of the interesting things about a senate inquiry is that people who make a submission will be protected by parliamentary privilege which means you can say what you want an no one can try to sue you for saying it.

Let’s all help end the fake art trade for good. Have your say today! Share this with your mob! Ask your Nan’s n Pop’s, Aunty’s n Uncle’s what they think about it. Help them complete an application too. Submissions close on Friday the 3rd of November.




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