Fact check: was Perth’s recent drug overdose Australia’s worst?

aboriginal poisoning history australia drug poison

The recent mass drug overdose in Perth has been labelled as Australia’s worst ever drug overdose by the media.

We have seen these types of claims by the media before with mass killings or shootings. Whenever we see these events described as the worst ever in Australia we feel a strong sense of anger as doing so is an act of whitewashing Aboriginal history in Australia.

When the media skips out events of the past and claims that present day events are the worst, it feels like our ancestors gravestones have been kicked over. Actually there are very few gravestones that mark the loss of our ancestors so it is even more important for us to keep standing up and speaking the truth.

So was the recent drug overdose the worst ever seen in Australia?

No, not even close. 9 people sent to hospital with 2 in a critical condition is very tragic but in no way is this event the worst drug overdose ever seen in Australia. Throughout the invasion of Australia, settlers often used drugs to poison Aboriginal people.

Settlers used poison in food and water which resulted in many mass killings. Some poisonings resulted in entire groups being wiped out completely. The remoteness of these groups meant that any news of such an event was never heard of until much later.

The drugs used didn’t just send people to sleep to never wake up again either. Drugs such as Arsenic and Strychnine resulted in some of the most painful deaths known to man. Some of these accounts were recorded in early settler diaries and are only now beginning to be told. Many of these mass poisonings occurred in Western Australia where the above news story comes from.

So please help us stand up against the national media in Australia make sure you help spread the word about Australia’s true history.



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