This August, the Welcome to Country website is going live across the planet.

The aim of Welcome to Country is to become a reliable, independent grassroots site that gives a voice to all Indigenous people across Australia. We welcome anyone to have a shot at writing their very own article that could potentially be read by thousands of people.

We also plan to be the very first to break Indigenous news stories as they happen. We have already published educational articles as well as some deeper stories that push Australia to ask the big questions about our past present and future. It is early days yet and we are still learning how to run a website and explore the possibilities that a website can bring. Some of our goals for later in the year include creating an Aboriginal directory for Artists, land councils, sporting groups etc.

aboriginal smoking ceremony welcome to country
Welcome to Country ceremony in Byron Bay

We are all very excited about this and you should be too.


*If you are interested in to have your own story/article published you reach us via our contact page or you can simply inbox the Welcome to Country Facebook page.



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