Will January 26th 2018 be the last Australia Day ever?

last australia day 2018 invasion day protest

There are now almost 20 different councils across 7 different states and territories who are considering or have already made arrangements to move Australia Day to a more respectable date.

A lot of the changes that are happening are occurring due to pressure from Invasion Day protests that are growing each year. Major protests occur each year in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane & Hobart. The protest were once given no media attention which helped save Australia from international embarrassment. Things have changed however with the introduction of social media, which is often the platform to broadcast invasion day protests to thousands of people across Australia and around the world.


Many of the councils that have already made changes to January 26th have done so out of pressure and advice from their local Indigenous communities. Now that we sense our voices are finally being heard; 2018 is shaping up to be the year that we deliver the knockout blow to Australia Day. You can be certain that come January 26th next year, you will see the largest nation wide Invasion day protests.

Australian Councils that are engaged in changing Australia Day

Calls for protests are not a new thing either. Way back in 1938, Indigenous protests were held by marking the day as a day of mourning, not a day of celebration. Recently a Queensland Mayor compared celebrating January 26th with celebrating the Jewish Holocaust, however news of this has been suppressed by the Australian media.

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